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August Journal | Our Prairie Nest
August Journal

We’re a week into September and I haven’t posted my August journal just yet, so here it is. This will be short and sweet, but brace yourself for a post coming early next week.


In August, I read The Undertaking of Hart & Mercy, which was a good time. I finally started (or was it restarting?) House of Sky and Breath, but I’m taking it 1% at a time because book 3 doesn’t release until January 2024. 


Summer Quaker is coming along, though I expect to set it aside soon for a Halloween pattern I have in progress.  


Cyberpnk Red, Genesys, and D&D 5e all remain fun. It’s hard to choose a favorite because each of them is different.


In August, I went to see Barbie twice. It was so damn good!  


We didn’t do much getting out and about in August, but we did camping in our backyard with our Spiral Scouts circle, which was great! The kids were all amazing at setting up tents, gathering firewood, preparing food for dinner, and then had a lot of fun stargazing. 

The first time I went to see Barbie was with my daughter. We started our day out with an hour of shopping at Michael’s (never Hobby Lobby, because they are anti-LGBTQ and anti-woman). She absolutely loved it and we left with all kinds of goodies for her to do some sculpting.

Oh, and school started! 🙂